Five Inspiring Local Sellers to Discover at Shopee Pili Pinoy

It’s Buwan ng Wika, and what better way to showcase some Pinoy pride than supporting local businesses? This August, Shopee Pili Pinoy puts the spotlight on proudly homegrown enterprises and their lovingly crafted products. 

Jhoanna Paula Tabije and Lemuel Tabije, Joy Marcelo-Ginto, Valentina Patriarca, MJ Sia, and Kyla Cañete’s stories and wares differ, but they all share one thing in common: passion, be it for their family, community, or fashion. Read on to learn more about their entrepreneurial journeys and how that makes these sellers’ products so special:

Abubot PH by Jhoanna Paula Tabije and Lemuel Tabije

In 2018, Paula lost her job due to cutbacks. To continue providing for their family, Paula and her husband Lemuel began selling on Shopee. Starting with just a 20 sqm room at home and a meager capital, the couple found success, thereafter becoming one of the leading women’s fashion sellers on the platform. 

Paula and Lemuel take pride in providing work for their employees despite the pandemic. “‘Yung employees namin galing from all walks of life. We have students, we have teachers, we have professionals. Very thankful kami kasi in some way nakakatulong kami sa kanila, pati na rin sa suppliers namin, ‘yung mga local manufacturers in Taytay.”

Support Paula and Lemuel’s goal to provide for fellow Filipinos and patronize local manufacturers. Shop for trendy and affordable clothing at Abubot PH to find preppy pieces like this Colette Coordinate or comfy loungewear like these Jogger Pants.

Joy Marcelo RTW Clothing by Joy Marcelo-Ginto

Before finding success on Shopee, Joy was working a below minimum wage job with a child on the way. Once she gave birth, she told herself that life needed to change for the better. With a capital of just ₱1,500, Joy joined Shopee to sell ready-to-wear clothing and soon found success for her humble shop.

As a fashion lover, Joy recognizes the industry’s problem with inclusive sizing. “Ang hirap hanapin ng malaking sizes. Ang sizing dito sa Pilipinas talagang pang-slim.” This is why she wants to expand her line with even more sizes to cater to consumers.

Find a wide range of styles and clothing at accessible price points for all body types at Joy Marcelo RTW Clothing. Their Short Sleeve Top and Backless Halter Top are both perfect for plus-sized ladies.

Via Christi by Valentina Patriarca

Like many Filipinos, civil engineer Valentina had to find alternative sources of income when the pandemic struck. Since she is based in Rizal, an area known for textile manufacturing, Valentina decided to sell face masks. As her business began to grow, Valentina saw an opportunity to provide jobs for out-of-work seamstresses in her neighborhood. What started out as a venture for herself evolved into a source of livelihood for the entire community. 

Valentina believes that businesses should not be solely driven by personal gains, but also by community empowerment. “Kailangan from the heart. Kailangan your intention is pure, na gusto mong makatulong. Ang gustong-gusto ko lang talaga magkatrabaho yung mga kababayan ko, kasi dito ako lumaki.”

Help out Valentina’s community by stocking up on loungewear basics such as Halter Tops, Dolphin Shorts, and more from Via Christi.

Tazanna by MJ Sia 

As a shoe enthusiast, MJ believes that finding affordable and good-quality shoes shouldn’t have to be hard. This inspired the creation of Tazanna, her very own shoe store. It wasn’t easy in the beginningshe’d travel for hours to look for suppliers and manually deliver packages to couriers, all to sell just a couple of pairs. Now, however, her store is a well-known Shopee favorite for classy and durable everyday footwear.

As her brand’s name, which means princess, denotes, MJ’s goal was to make customers feel like royalty whenever they wore her products. “With the name Tazanna, I wanted a brand name that would link to something medyo girly. Our mission was really to provide the market with beautiful shoes na affordable pero okay pa rin yung quality.”

Get locally made chic and classy footwear that won’t break your budget at Tazanna. Show off your gams with Isla in Nude, or go for Dean Braided Flats if you want to forgo the heels.

Tala by Kyla by Kyla Cañete

As a self-proclaimed maarte girl, Kyla has always loved jewelry. Her jewelry store Tala by Kyla started as a passion project during her summer break. When classes started, Kyla was doing everything herself: taking and packing orders, sending invoices, collecting payments, and shipping. Her Shopee store has grown exponentially since then, amassing a following of more than a million people in just one year.

Kyla wants her customers to feel like a star with her products. “Sabi ko, gusto ko when they wear my jewelry, feeling nila na nagshi-shine sila,” she shares. She offers a wide range of gorgeous pendants and rings to suit her customers’ varying tastes. 

Check out Tala by Kyla for cute, affordable jewelry that’ll add a little sparkle to your look. Food lovers will adore this Pizza Pendant, while Disney fans will enjoy this Rapunzel-inspired Tiara Necklace.

Support Abubot PH, Joy Marcelo RTW Clothing, Via Christi, Tazanna, Tala by Kyla, and other local businesses this Buwan ng Wika by visiting Pili Pinoy on Shopee: You can also enjoy exclusive deals, products under ₱99 and exciting vouchers. Download the Shopee app for free via the App Store or Google Play.

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