LBC’s COP/COD Brings Success to E-Commerce Players in VisMin

Running an online business is not just popular in Metro Manila. It is also the trend in other key cities and regions.

Going online is the perfect platform for merchants who wish to reach a broader market while establishing their business as a household name. But having the venue to showcase their products is just the first step towards having a successful online business. Another important facet is to offer potential buyers the most worry-free experience by giving them a more convenient option of where and how to get their orders conveniently and safely.

LBC has responded to this need- which is why they came up with the Cash on Pick Up (COP) and Cash on Delivery (COD).  Under COP, a customer simply has to choose the LBC branch from where they wish to pick up the items they ordered online.

Under COD, buyers are offered the option of paying for their purchases only after receiving the delivery from LBC.

Ian Lou Adanza of NA SHIMMER, a company which sells watches from his headquarters in Negros, lauds LBC’s COP/COD, “Mas prefer ng customers ko ang COP/COD. I had an option to use credit card, but it’s only 1% of my total sales so talagang COD talaga. Nag C-COP lang ako pag outside na sa delivery zone. Tapos mas fast remittance when it comes to COP/COD. Pagdating sa ibang courier, minsan three weeks later bago dumating ‘yung remittance. Unlike sa LBC na a few days lang, bumabalik agad sa ‘kin yung capital ko.”

ICON CREATIVES, based in Eastern Visayas, which has been selling accessories and gifts for two years now has used other courier delivery services before, apart from LBC. But its owner Naome Villarias said she shifted to LBC saying “Mas prefer ng customers ko COP/COD, kaya nag-LBC ako. With COP/COD, you can give the clients options na babagay sa kanila.”

MVP VENTURES INCORPORATED, also from Eastern Visayas, which has been selling food supplements nationwide since 2016, started using COP/COD middle of 2018.  Ginalyn Millanes who owns MVP Ventures explains: “Mas prefer ng mga customers namin ‘yung COP/COD, mas naging convenient para sa kanila ‘yung pagbili sa shop namin. ‘Yung fact na hindi nahihirapan ‘yung customers namin mamili ng mode of payment kaya mas napapabili po sila.”

Negros-based TRAVEL RAD, which has been in the business for two years selling arts and crafts, and apparel, has also been using COP/COD for one year now. According to proprietor Salvador Richie Bahalan, 90% of his customers prefer COD. “Mas kampante sila na ma-receive muna ‘yung item bago bayad. Para makaiwas na rin ‘yung customer sa mga scam.”

With the positive feedback it has gained from their COP/COD service, LBC assures that they will continue to look for ways and means to introduce other groundbreaking ideas which their customers and clients can utilize to grow their online enterprises.
LBC’s COP/COD Brings Success to E-Commerce Players in VisMin LBC’s COP/COD Brings Success to E-Commerce Players in VisMin Reviewed by Mᴇɢᴀᴘʜᴏɴᴇ Pʜɪʟɪᴘᴘɪɴᴇs on May 16, 2019 Rating: 5

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