GCash Reaches Out to More Users; Rolls out GCredit and Invest Money in Cebu

Leading mobile money service GCash formally launches its GCredit and Invest Money services in the Cebu market.

GCash formally introduces its GCredit and Invest Money services to the market today in Cebu.

GCash’s GCredit is a revolving credit line attached to one’s GCash account that can be used to purchase items via the GCash App’s scan-to-pay and pay bills features. Invest Money, on the other hand, is the investment platform  in the App that allows users to invest in investment funds from GCash’s partner product providers.

As the current leader in the electronic money segment, GCash offers a mobile wallet where users can place their money and use it to send money, buy telco load, pay bills, or purchase  things offline or online. These exciting new features, GCredit and Invest Money, further GCash’s aim of providing financial services to all Filipinos via digitalization.

"We have decided to formally launch GCredit and Invest Money here in the Queen City as we believe that these are products everyone here can really use." said Kim Aimei Seng, Head of Lending. 

"We want GCredit to be the credit line for every Cebuano, as it is practical, easy to use, and convenient. GCredit can be used for all of a family’s immediate needs such as paying bills and making staple purchases (such as groceries, school supplies, and medicine). Thus Cebuanos no longer need to rely on loan sharks or pawning valuables. Even worse, they no longer need to put important things such as buying food or paying for utility bills on hold just to make ends meet. All they need to do is grow their relationship with GCash by using it as often as they can, thereby increasing their GScore, which will in turn give them access to GCredit.

With Invest Money, on the other hand, we want to encourage more people to start investing. We all know how intimidating it is to start preparing for one’s future goals, especially when they are quite substantial and seem so far into the future. We always hear about how important it is to start setting aside money for the future ASAP - but it can be so daunting that people who do not have financial expertise do not know where to start. But with GCash Invest Money, beginner investors can take their first small step towards their future by investing as little as PHP50!  Not only are we the most affordable channel for investing, we bring the concept of investing to people in a such a way that they can ease into it without the risk of losing all their hard earned cash."

Both GCredit and Invest Money do away with the traditional processes of applying for credit and investments wherein you would have to physically submit documents and provide proof of income. With GCredit and Invest Money, the application process is all within the GCash app  This means users no longer need to endure long lines or sign all sorts of documents.p

As GCash enables more users to avail of GCredit and Invest Money, Cebuanos now have something to depend on in times of need and also a means to keep and grow their money!

GCash is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.
GCash Reaches Out to More Users; Rolls out GCredit and Invest Money in Cebu GCash Reaches Out to More Users; Rolls out GCredit and Invest Money in Cebu Reviewed by Mᴇɢᴀᴘʜᴏɴᴇ Pʜɪʟɪᴘᴘɪɴᴇs on November 27, 2018 Rating: 5

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